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Hey, Thanks for taking a moment to pre-save my new single, "Mercy" As a thank you please enjoy this early listen to the B-Side, "Too Comfortable" Both songs will be available for stream and download 9.27.19 and they will be on the full album (coming soon) as well. 

This song was written during the first few sessions I had with my producer and collaborator Ryan Stockbridge back when we were still recording at Bedrock Studios (before Ryan and our buddy Joe opened their own spot) and its still one of our favorites. The vibe is relaxed, kinda tongue-in-cheek, and decidedly old -school! I can't say much about my vocal delivery beyond telling you I was feeling good in the booth and having fun singing this one...My best friends Steph and Keaton showed up during the vocal sessions and brought along some whisky and laughs which definitely helped (no, I wasn't up in the studio drunk!) Anyway- take a listen and get ready for Mercy! 

I appreciate ya! 

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